How to Watch Films in the Online Festival
Your Online Festival films have now been added to your library and will be available to watch at the dates and times advertised on our website.
To watch your films:
  • Please visit the My Library page (Also accessible via the Booking dropdown menu).
  • Films purchased will appear there along with their availability dates.
  • Once a film is available to view, a Watch button will appear.
  • Once you press the Watch button, you will be asked to sign in to our streaming platform YourScreen.
  • An account has already been created for you with the email you used for booking.
  • If you have watch films with YourScreen or Cheltenham International Film Festival in previous years you can use your existing password, which will probably be the same one you used to log in and buy your tickets with. 
  • If you are a first-time user, you will need to add a password to your account. Please do this by using the Forgotten Your Password? function. 
  • We recommend using the same password you used for booking and selecting the Remember Me box so you can move freely between the Festival Website and the YourScreen streaming platform.
  • Once signed in you will be able to watch your film(s).
  • Once you press Play, you will need to complete watching the film within 48 hours.
  • Playback using a tablet or phone is achieved by downloading the Shift72 app and signing in to YourScreen. Once you have installed the app, select YourScreen, log in following the instructions above and you will find your films in your library. The app allows downloading for offline viewing.
  • Any further bookings will be automatically added to your library.
Please note:  Films are only available for streaming in the UK. 

If you have any problems watching films, please contact:

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