The Crying Game + Q&A

Dir: Neil Jordan
Cast: Stephen Rea, Forest Whitaker, Miranda Richardson, Adrian Dunbar

1H 52M • CRIME / DRAMA • 1992 • UK

29th May 18:00 - Live (with Q&A)
Neil Jordan's taboo-busting romantic thriller (with a twist) is is remembered by producer Stephen Woolley in its 30th anniversary year

  29th May 18:00 - Live at Parabola Arts Centre

Q&A: Producer Stephen Woolley via zoom (30min)

In 1992 audiences and critics alike were astounded, not only by the now infamous plot twist but also by the bold narrative shifts and the sympathetic portrayal of an IRA terrorist in Neil Jordan’s masterpiece. It could now be that the twist, 30 years on, is the least challenging of the film’s many innovative touches. Philosophically resigned to his fate as a hostage held by the IRA, black British soldier Jody strikes up an unlikely friendship with Fergus, one of his captors. After the operation meets a messy conclusion, Fergus flees to London under an assumed identity, and seeking some kind of redemption decides to seek out Dil, Jody’s girlfriend, to offer an explanation of what happened. Let’s leave it there – to reveal more will diminish the experience for anyone coming to ‘The Crying Game’ for the first time. For these and others more familiar with the film our screening offers the opportunity to question producer Stephen Woolley and members of the cast (tbc) following the show.

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An astonishingly good and daring film that richly develops several intertwined thematic lines, The Crying Game takes giant risks that are stunningly rewarded
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